Search by keywords

To search by keywords, type one or more words in the search field.
You can use the operators AND, OR, NOT.

dog AND flower
dog OR flower
dog NOT flower

The default operator is AND, so it is not necessary to write it.
The operator OR allows you to expand the search
The operator NOT allows you to refine the search.
Conjugated verbs will not give you an answer.

To perform an exact search or expression, it is advisable to use quotation marks

"Oscar dog"

When you are not sure of the spelling of a word, type the beginning of the search term followed by an asterisk.


Photos showing kilimanjaro will be displayed.

Search by image number

To search by image number, type the reference of the image number directly into the search field


If you want to search for several references, you must use the OR operator

980398h OR 952008h

Results display

By default, search results are sorted by descending references. The largest numbers correspond to the most recent images.

Display format

Two formats ( Grid and Mosaic) are available.

Result filtering

When a search is performed, a filter list appears in the left sidebar.
Each filter has a title and values.
Each value indicates how many images correspond.

Orientation -
Content type -

To display only Horizontal images, select the corresponding check box.
You can fold/unfold a filter by clicking on the +/- icon to the right of the filter title.


To download an image, click on the icon and choose the desired format

Creation and management of the basket

If you don't have a basket yet, one will be created automatically.

If you want to create a basket, click on New basket in the left column. Give it a name, possibly a comment and validate.

To rename a basket, click on Rename basket in the left column. Give it a name, possibly a comment and validate.

To delete a basket, click on Delete basket in the left column and confirm the deletion.

To add an image to the shopping cart, click on the icon below the image, or on the button provided for this purpose in the manual.
To remove an image from the basket, click on the icon located under the image, or click in the left column on the icon also located under the image.

To download all the images in your shopping cart, click on "Download Cart", then choose your image format.

All the actions mentioned are also available in the interface See basket

Order images

To order photos, click on Order Basket in the left sidebar.
Fill in the required information, the intended use of the images as well as the sending method and validate.

Custom selection

If you entrust us with your research, we can send it to you by email, or by using an email link that will allow you to access a contact sheet from which you can download the selected images. This link is only valid for two hours.

In any case, we remain at your disposal to advise you or to carry out your research.